Virtual Squash Training with Adrian Grant

During Adrian Grant’s professional career he was renouned as one of the best movers of the game. Understanding and studying the benefits of efficient movement using this style to attack, defend and create deception. Adrian became obsessed with this side of the game along with the technical elements. To achieve this consistent hours and dedication was dedicated to physically conditioning his body and adapt to different styles. Adrian reached his highest ranking of number nine in the world in 2009. Adrian has won multiple World Team and European Team Championships, one gold medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and winner of 18 PSA tournaments. Adrian loves all genres of music, learning about architecture, modern art and playing sports with his four-year-old daughter. Adrian is originally from London, England and currently resides in Manhattan, NY.

Join Adrian and his friends EVERY MONDAY through to SATURDAY 12:00pm – 1:00pm (EST) via Zoom for training sessions to help move the body, release some stress, and just feel good.

Adrian is aware that not everyone is working from home or receiving paid sick leave, and that cost will be a barrier for some. Like himself and his guest pro’s they are self employed, and like many are severely impacted in supporting their families and stopped from sharing what they love ….. SQUASH! Each class is offered on a donation basis (suggested donation $20). Please do pay what you can afford. There is no shame if that amount is $0, it’s called a Golden Ticket and it’s something we all need from time to time.

This pandemic has effected everyone in some shape or form and I believe we should come together as a community so lets start winning the social effects it has on us, win on social distancing, win on flattening the curve, and win on saving lives of people we may not even know!

To add, each week Adrian will pledge to donate 10% of all donations to