Norcal Squash Leagues

San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay, and Sacramento all have active squash leagues running from September to April. Teams are div. 1 thru div. 4, and co-ed. Information regarding the divisions, structure, scoring, etc., can be found in the NorCal Squash League Rules and Regulations 2017-18. For current standings, click here.

Using ClubLocker to Record Matches

USSquash moved their scoring system to ClubLocker for the 2019-20 season, please see the steps below for entering match results.

1) Find your match on ClubLocker, and click ‘Manage’ > ‘Enter Score’. This will take you to the scorecard for the match, as shown below.

2) For each position, click on the drop-down arrow and click ‘Quick Score’.

3) For each match, make sure every field is filled out or you will get an error message. Please make sure to enter the actual match scores instead of a generic 11-7 as this has an effect on the players USSquash rating.

4) Once all four matches are entered, fill in the ‘Extra Points’ for each team, as shown in the image below. This is how the standings are calculated, so please make sure this is filled in or the match will not count towards the overall rankings.

Participating Clubs

San Francisco

Bay Club San Francisco, Bay Club Marin, Olympic Club, UC San Francisco, University Club.

East Bay

Active Sports Clubs Oakland, Club Sport Fremont, Club Sport San Ramon, Oakwood Athletic Club, UC Berkeley.

South Bay/Peninsula

Bay Club Cupertino, Bay Club Bay Club Redwood Shores, Bay Club Santa Clara, Club Sport Fremont, Haq International Squash Academy, Stanford, Squash Zone.

League Commissioners
San Francisco – Emilie van der Hoorn
East Bay – Waqas Khan
Peninsula – Michael Corbett

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