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Letter home from Bransten Ming:

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As Bransten highlights a few things that he learned so far from playing college ball: The biggest difference between playing junior squash, and college squash is the mentality. Unlike juniors, where you’ll get an easy match here and there, college squash is a much more intensified version of junior squash. Literally every person is a strong player, everyone can hit the ball well and everyone is fit. It really just boils down to how mentally tough you are, and how confident you’re feeling on any given day. As for playing on a team, it is so much fun. It’s intense, passionate, vigorous, you name it. It’s such a great feeling playing for not only yourself, but your teammates as well. Entering college squash is so refreshing because it brings an incredible team aspect into the sport, something that us west coasters don’t know a whole lot about. Without a doubt, the team is the best part of my college experience. We are all very close. We eat together, live together, and go out together. Another great aspect of college squash is the diversity. Just my team alone represents over 10 countries, including: US, Egypt, Singapore, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Sweden, Guayana, Columbia, India, Ireland, and Canada. Playing all the other schools is great because you get to play people from all around the world. The Drexel team is lead by head coach and ex world number 1, John White. He’s an outstanding tactical coach, and one of the best hitting partners one could ask for. He is assisted by Kelsey Engman, who also is a great coach/mentor. Together, they are always there for the team no matter the circumstances. I am so grateful to call them my coaches. We are currently ranked number 9 in the nation. Looking forward, we are looking to break the top 8 soon so we can make it into the division A nationals. You can follow our results on and our instagram page @drexelsquash. Jay Kim Norcal Squash Association “Keep it straight”